Don't have time for a full-blown class?
  • Making Everyone’s Emotions Intelligent

    Finally, an effective solution for teaching emotional intelligence – one that’s so simple and affordable you can Develop Everybody™.

    Want to help your employees learn how to overcome challenging interactions and improve their working relationships? Grow their emotional intelligence with EI for the Regular Guy – the market’s most approachable emotional intelligence curriculum.

Finally, everyone can become emotionally intelligent.

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There’s no fuss – to learn it or to teach it. With an easy-to-understand EI model and a conversational style of writing, this training appeals to everyone. And the comprehensive Facilitator Guide means support and quick prep time for facilitators.


EI for the Regular Guy is blended learning at its best. Participants jump in to learning through an interactive eBook and self-paced assignments that prepare them for a one-day instructor-led event that is full of practice and application. And because the materials are so user-friendly and fun, it’s
easy to stay engaged.


EI for the Regular Guy is an affordable, off-the-shelf training solution for companies of any size. You buy each facilitator a guide and order participant materials based on your need. There’s no minimum purchase required and no expensive certifications. We give you control, so your costs stay low.

Why EI for the Regular Guy is Anything but Average:

  • It uses a blended-learning format – introductory eBook, self-paced lab assignments and a one-day instructor-led event.
  • The comprehensive Facilitator Guide makes learning and teaching easy.
  • The simple language and easy-to-understand models engage participants.
  • The content is research-based and tested.
  • Learning and practicing begins immediately with the eBook and Lab Assignments.
  • The instructor-led event is all about practice and interaction.
  • Videos, case studies and thought-provoking discussions keep participants engaged.
  • You order only what you need when you need it.
  • It includes on-demand Train-the-trainer support from the creators, but it requires no certification.
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SVI is an organizational development company that focuses on creating irresistible companies and extraordinary people. Over the years, we have extensively researched the topic of emotional intelligence, allowing us to create several customized emotional intelligence programs, all of which led to this remarkable, out-of-the-box approach to EI training. While it’s simple to use and easy to understand, the course is rooted in expertise, research and sound instructional design, making EI for the Regular Guy a best-in-class solution to emotional intelligence training.